Salti Hearts x SurfGirl Mag 2017 !

Yeni Canelon, Founder and Operator of #SaltiHearts ,shares the Bali Surf Trip Essentials with all the ladies out there. Click in the link bellow to read more;

Bali Surf Trip Essentials

Surfing, yoga and travel have always been my passions so it comes naturally to write about them. Bali provides the perfect alchemy of all three so I am happy to share my Bali essentials tips for your next surf and yoga adventure to our island paradise.

Remember ladies to travel with an open heart, savour the moment, embrace the beauty of your journey, share your story with others and enjoy every moment on the road.

Salti xx

Interview with Marie “Tini” Founder of Zealous Clothing


We interview our favourite Salti friend Marie aka “Tini” ! she is a wonderful young, creative and talented lady from Germany who lives in Bali and spends her days creating, surfing, drinking coffee and developing her clothing line, #ZealousClothing !





Country of Origin? 

Ze German

Home City? 


Favorite color?

Oh I can never decide.. all nuances of blue and fluro pink! 

Did you always know you wanted to create a surf apparel brand?

I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss and to create my own products.  Besides that I’ve always been inspired and fascinated by the surf lifestyle and have started to make sketches of surf inspired apparel when I was 14 years old. Nonetheless Zealous started out with handmade knitwear like beanies and scarves for the snowboard season in Europe. When I came to Bali I finally had the chance to turn my surf inspired ideas into reality and so the surfbikinis and apparel were developed together with small local businesses.

What do you love most about your business Zealous Clothing?

Actually I love every part about this business. But seeing the girls out there being happy in their Zealous surfbikinis and clothing is the greatest reward for all the hard work.

When did you first started Surfing?

 I’ve had my first surf lessons when I was 15 years old in Australia, followed by 2 weeks of surfcamp in France 5 years later. But I really started surfing almost 3 years ago in Bali when I bought my first surfboard and knew I would stay here for at least six months.

When did you decide to Move to Bali?

In the first place I came to Bali to study abroad for one semester but soon I realized that I’m absolutely not ready yet to leave this magical island, especially because I started to work with local tailors which brought Zealous to a completely new level. As I had to do an internship for University, I started my application marathon in Bali 2 months before I had to leave. On the day of my departure I was given the firm for a 5 months internship with a Balinese manufacturing agency and returned to Bali 3 weeks later. During the internship I learned a lot and worked before work, during lunch break, and after work on Zealous. After one year in Bali there was simply no way back.

What do you love most about Bali?

I love the waves, the sun kissing my skin while riding my motorbike, the coconuts and palmtrees. And Indonesians are just a very happy folk who I like to be surrounded by, always up for a chitchat, jokes and laughs.

What makes you happy?

Longboard sessions with the girls, German chocolate and coffee!

Describe your perfect day? 

Getting convinced by Yeni to get up before sunrise, having an awesome sunrise surf session with the girls, followed by coconuts by the beach and breakkie in one of our favorite cafes. After that I definitely need to take a nap and would work for a few hours in the afternoon. Dinner will be served in the warung around the corner and I will fall asleep over my book on the balcony.

Flip-flops, boots or barefoot?

Barefoot at the beach, Flip Flops on the road and boots when at home in Germany.

Bikinis or One piece?

Bikiniiiiiiiiiis! And soon maybe one pieces!? Stay tuned 😉

Coffee or Cocktails?

Oh definitely coffee! Except someone persuades me to go out for a drink, then I will have a Moscow Mule.

What Zealous piece will I always catch you wearing?

For sure you will catch me wearing a Signature Surfbikini and my most favorite Shapes of Life Sweater.

Coolest place you’ve ever been?

I just came back from a boat trip to Flores, Komodo and many uninhabited islands in between. That trip really blew my mind and I am still totally stunned of mumma earth’s beauty.

When not designing clothing, you are?

Gardening my little balcony, reading a book or surfing my log

Whats the plan for the future?

I want to take the time to travel and explore more, want to make more surfbikinis so no lady will need to worry about her bikini anymore, and to finally do a stylish hangten!

Read more about Marie and Check out her amazing creations at;

Top three favourite healthy breakfasts !

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. It gives you a brilliant boost of energy when you wake up, sparks positivity, and, if done well, is the best thing to start to your day right. Breakfast shouldn’t be boring either, and with all the healthy alternatives that are on offer at the moment, there is also no reason not to take care of yourself, inside and out, right from the word go. Surfing and healthy living go hand in hand, so here are my top three brekkies to get your day started with all the best intentions:

  • ‘Super-fruit’ bowls.

The recent rise in popularity of the ever popular ‘acai bowl’ has led to many other equally delicious and fruity options becoming available. To make my own ‘super-fruit’ bowl, I use unsweetened granola, rolled oats, followed by some sliced bananas, pitaya, mango and blueberries. After splashing some milk over the bowl, I then add a few cashews, raisins and a sprinkling of chia seeds for the final touch. It’s a pretty simple, layered breakfast which only takes a few minutes to prepare, and is super healthy and yummy. A lovely alternative to using cow’s milk is almond milk, which in my opinion is slightly creamier and smoother than soya and complements the brekkie amazingly!

  • Bircher muesli.

A Swiss inspired meal, it is a perfect breakfast for those always on the go – Bircher muesli is made the night before and is so easy to prep! I love soaking rolled oats in a little mason jar with either cow’s milk or almond milk, infusing some raisins and goji berries into the mix, followed by a tiny drizzle of honey over the top. I then leave it in the fridge till the following morning, when I top it up with either some cashews or almond flakes, raspberries and a pinch of cinnamon to complete it. Bircher muesli is an amazing breakfast to kickstart your day hassle-free, and is full of fruity, healthy goodness!


  • Smashed avocado.

A popular breakfast for those fancying something a little more savoury, avocado is such a versatile fruit, packed full of healthy fats and vitamins. For this dish, I usually start off with toasting slice of seeded bread, although pumpkin rye bread is also a delicious and wheat-free alternative. I drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil over the bread, and then slice and smash a whole avo, which I spread over the top. Sprinkling some chilli flakes to spice it up, a touch of cracked black pepper over the surface finishes it up, and you’re good to go! If I have enough time, I sometimes add either a poached egg or some grilled vine tomatoes to liven it up. Smashed avocado – a tasty, wholesome brekkie to start your day just right!


So there you go, three yummy and super-healthy breakfasts to add to your repertoire. As I mentioned before, there are so many free-from options, including almond/rice/soya milk instead of cow’s milk, as well as swapping out refined sugar for some honey, or even agave syrup! These three breakfasts are perfect to fuel your day, your surf and your health.


Stay Salti!

Bea xx

Salti Hearts x writeatthefork


  • December 15, 2016

In 2013 I emigrated to Bali to carry out a marketing internship. On arrival at my new home, I was greeted by an enchanting mermaid. Upon closer inspection, I found that this being was not a mermaid, but a beautiful, kind, bubbly woman named Yeni. The pint-sized goddess was a surf instructor at the retreat I was interning at, and she quickly became one of my very dear friends.

Yeni grew up on a little island in the Caribbean within an archipelago called Los Roques. Having such a great story to tell, and an exciting business she’s been raving about, I thought it was more than appropriate to interview her to get all the deets.

Read more; click on the link bellow;

Thanks Lovely Bex


Bikini Bowl !

Smoothie bowls are kind of like having fro-yo for breakfast… but with a superfood packed twist! Which is why we’re obsessed, and our newest creations are no exception! These two blends feature some of our favorite superfoods! One with kale, coconut, kiwis and chia seeds! The other with raspberries, pink pitaya and mango. Each one is dreamy, creamy and downright delish!

Did you know both mangos and kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges!? Eat your heart out babes! This vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant to give you healthy, youthful skin and greater immune health.


1 serving each


  • 1-2cups packed fresh kale
  • 1kiwi peeled
  • 1/2banana, sliced and frozen
  • 1scoop coconut Perfect Fit Protein
  • 1/2cup coconut water
  • 1/2cup fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango
  • 1/2banana, sliced and frozen
  • 1scoop coconut Perfect Fit Protein
  • 1/2cup almond milk, unsweetened
  • TOPPINGS ~ Choose 3-4
  • 1Tbsp coconut shavings, unsweetened
  • 1tsp chia seeds
  • 1Tbsp almond butter
  • 1/2banana, sliced
  • 2-3melon or pitaya balls
  • a few berries
  • sprinkle Perfect Fit Quinoa Crisps


STEP 1: Add all base ingredients to a blender and process until smooth. If you’re using a high power blender, you can probably use less coconut water or almond milk to keep your base thick and spoonable!
STEP 2: Pour base into a bowl and top with desired toppings. Get creative and make it pretty.

Enjoy xx

 Source; Tone it Up

Best Booty workout tips from Yeni !

Happy Weekend Saltis!

How is everyone doing?

As you al shroud know Surfing and Yoga are great workouts. Anyhow, Yeni Canelon, Owner/ Operator/ Surf coach / Yoga teacher loves working out as well. We have have had a few emails asking her to share her best booty workouts for the booty with you all.

What are you doing for your workout today?  Its the weekend ! you can still head out for a morning surf, do a mid 30 minutes workout and than have a relaxing and Yin Yoga practice to relax the muscles and window from the week !

Here are Yeni’s most favourites; Remember to repeat each exercise 3 times and at least make sure your workout is not less than 30 minutes; Enjoy!

  1. DeadLift x 15 ; Feet and shoulders width apart, bend at your hips to bend your upper body forward and down, rolling the weights along your your shins. keep your core strong.
  2. Booty kicks x 20 each leg ; Standing with all your weight in one leg, press the opposite leg back keeping your knee straight.
  3. Squat x 20 ; Get low as you can, keep your knee behind your toe, and press to your heel
  4. Bodyweight lunge x 20 each leg ; Place your hands on your hips, and stand tall with your shoulders pushed back. Step forward with your right leg and slowly lower your body until your front knee is bent at least 90 degrees. Pause, then push yourself to the starting position.
  5. Keeling leg lifts x 20 each leg ; On your hands and knees if one leg up off the ground until horizontal, and slowly return it to the ground, keeping it straight.
  6. Hamstring curls x 20 each leg ;On you hands and knees, curl your legs by bending your leg to 90 deg. Keep your thigh parallel to the ground, and you abs tight.
  7. Booty bridges x 15; Laying on your back with your feet bellow your knees, push up through your heels to lift your booty in the air. Press forward through your hips and repeat.
  8. Core kicks x 15 ; Laying on your back with your feet bellow your knees, kick one leg up , return to both feel on ground, than kick the other leg up; keep your hips even and your bum up !

Here you go Saltis !!! don’t forget to sweat today  …

Soon we will be having Videos about Salti Hearts Surf fitness workouts !


Yeni xx


Interview with the Founder of Salti Hearts !


IMG_8198Name: Yeni Canelon

Age: 32

Country of Origin? Los Roques. Venezuela

Home city? Bali, Indonesia

Dream career as a kid? Professional Surf Girl and a Nat Geo Photographer

First Job? As a waitress in my mom’s Mexican restaurant, I was 14 years old

Qualifications? Oceanographer, Photographer, 200 RYT Yoga teacher, Level 3 ISA Surf Coach

Has surfing and yoga always been your calling? Surfing has always been part of my life, I grow up in the Caribbean with sea and waves around me, so since I can remember I always wanted to surf. Yoga came to me a bit later, I started practicing Yoga when I was 12, but was only until I was 17 that I knew this was the best combination, the perfect alchemy.


Why is surfing so important for you? This days surfing mean so much more than it ever did, now its my profession, and it’s the way I share my passion with other women. Surfing makes me feel alive, free and grateful. Its were I can really disconnect from the land world and my busy mind and just simply be in the present moment, enjoying the saltiness, sunshine an pure joy. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by anything I take my board and head out for a surf, even one wave and make my day and help me see things with a different perspective, for that im forever grateful with surfing.

What do you love most about Bali? There is so much I love about Bali, but I guess my more favorite would have to be the people. They are so genuine, simple and always very happy.

What’s essential in your beach bag? Bikini , sunnies, beach sarong, Organic Zinc, Lip balm, my iPhone, my Salti Top and denim shorts

What song is on rotation right now to pump you up before a session? I’ll have to say “Riptide” by Vance Joy

Flip-flops, boots or barefoot?  Definitely barefoot

Favourite Surfboard? Ummm… I have a few! But right now its my 6’0 Single fin, named Blue

Where is your favourite surf spot in Bali? I usually try to keep this in low profile, but I have to say  Kuta reef.

What was your worst wipeout? Have to say at my local spot in Bali, old mans, one of the biggest day I went out with my 7’1. The waves were around 6 to 8 ft on the set and I got caught up in the inside or (Impact zone), lost my board, was trap on the washing machine and had to swim for about 15 minutes to get to shore, where my board was ding by the rocks.

Describe your perfect day in Paradise? wake up early, sun salutation to stretch and set up the intentions for my day, head out for a beach walk with my pup and check on the waves. Than grab my board “Blue” and head out to ride some fun perfect and dreamy bali waves… Than  coffee and brekkie with friends! –  home and spend sometime in the garden, read my book, chill by the hammock and the pool… cook some yum vegetables, than end my day watching a tv series with my boyfriend and my pup at our couch !

Would you say you have the best job in the world? Yes, I do what I love…


Quote of life by?  I have 3; 

Every path you take leads you to another choice. Some choices can change everything and every moment for the rest of your life.

-Everyday you have two choices; to stay in bed or to wake up and chase your dreams.

-The secret of having it all is knowing you already do!

Dream surf trip? My boyfriend and girl friends on a boat trip in Tahiti … That would be epic!

Whats the plan for the future? I guess, just Continue to breathe, to grow as a human as a rider and expand Salti Hearts to other places; so i can share my passion and love for surfing as a tool to empower other women and girls to really embody and embrace the simple surf life that i always dream off.

yeni paddling 2

Surf and Fitness !

Fitness its an important ability when it comes to surfing.

It will allow you to strengthen muscles that are relevant to prevent any type of injuries. You will also gain flexibility and develop a strong core which will help you with the paddling and also your balance when your up riding the waves.

Here are 10 simple exercises to keep your body in top condition for having a great time out in the surf or be ready for your next Surf adventure with us !!!

  1. Breathing  techniques; “Ujjayi breath ” and “fire breath”.
  2. Sun Salutations; 3 rounds miminum Surya Namaskara A.
  3. Plank; strong core will prevent lower back pain “Hold for 1 minute x 3 times”.
  4. Back extensions; for stregtening back and shoulder
  5. Side plank rotations; engage the core and open your arm up, breathe and repeat x 3 times each side, this will help for turning and manoeuvres in the water.
  6. Forward fold; best way to release tension from your hamstring and lower back, stay there for as long as you can.
  7. Paddle muscle stretch; come into Childs pose for at least 5 breaths,
  8. Supine Twist; stay  for 5 breaths on each side
  9. Glute stretch; stretch your hips throughout pigeon  prep, stay there as long as you can in each side.
  10. Neck stretch; crossed legged sitted position, bring your ears towards your shoulders, stay for 3 breaths and repeat each side.

To finish, stay in a comfortable sitter position, for the next 3 minutes, focusing all your atention and awareness into the present moment and your breath, feel how your body is flexible and grateful, your mind is calmer and focused… Namaste Saltis!

Happy Surfing …

10 things that inspired you the most?

There are so many things that inspired me everyday…

Anyhow, here are  my top 10!

  1. The Ocean ; Its beauty and magnificense
  2. The waves ; their power and perfection
  3. Surfing ; the fun and the freedom
  4.  Nature ; the rawest and wisdom
  5. Women : their hearts and empowerment
  6. Plants : their colour and smell
  7. Yoga :  Gratitude and serenity
  8. My Pup : his sweetness and companionship
  9. Sisterhood : the support and the sharing
  10. My partner; for the love and kindness

What inspires you?

Salti xx


Salti Hearts x The Bali Bible

Salti Hearts is an authentic Surf & Yoga camp for women of all ages, who come to us from all over this amazing world. At Salti Hearts we have the privilege, and pure bliss, to run our camp on the beautiful island of Bali. This unique location is a tropical wonderland for those who love the beach, sunny days, surfing adventures, yoga practice and relaxation. We like to think of ourselves as raw and authentic – we are inspired constantly by the beauty and mystery of the ocean, we are passionate about nurturing the connection between body and soul that occurs with a daily yoga practice, we are blessed with the opportunity to follow a lifestyle that allows us to ground ourselves and explore our senses. We call this unique way of being the Salti Life. At Salti Hearts we aspire to create the perfect alchemy of joy, laughter, beauty, freedom and place; where passions are awakened, new friendships are made and the bliss of the Salti Life is there to be embraced. We share our passion, we share our love, we share our journey, we share our mats, we share our waves; we want to inspire and positively impact the lives of other wonderful women. –

Thanks for sharing the Saltiness