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Why Salti Hearts?

Salti Hearts is an authentic Surf & Yoga camp for women of all ages, who come to us from all over this amazing world. At Salti Hearts we have the privilege, and pure bliss, to run our camp on the beautiful island of Bali. This unique location is a tropical wonderland for those who love the beach, sunny days, surfing adventures, yoga practice and relaxation.
We like to think of ourselves as raw and authentic - we are inspired constantly by the beauty and mystery of the ocean, we are passionate about nurturing the connection between body and soul that occurs with a daily yoga practice, we are blessed with the opportunity to follow a lifestyle that allows us to ground ourselves and explore our senses. We call this unique way of being the Salti Life.
At Salti Hearts we aspire to create the perfect alchemy of joy, laughter, beauty, freedom and place; where passions are awakened, new friendships are made and the bliss of the Salti Life is there to be embraced.
We share our passion, we share our love, we share our journey, we share our mats, we share our waves; we want to inspire and positively impact the lives of other wonderful women.

  • Linda Vello (Adelaide, South Australia)

    LOVED IT !!!! Don't wait girls book it you wont regret it! My fear for years was water no longer a fear! A great place to hang with special friends and by the time you've def made two more the salti water and Yeni. See you again in a few months!
  • Jackie King (Tasmania, Australia)

    I arrived in Bali really needing something special- a relaxing, fun, uplifting, inspiring holiday. I wanted to re boot, re energize and reconnect with myself. I received all of this and so much more during my 5 day stay with Salti Hearts. I surf and practice yoga at home but I wanted to improve both and have a bit of a luxurious tropical holiday at the same time. The crew at Salti Hearts offered all of this and took care of me so very well. Everything about Salti Hearts was pleasing, from the impressive accommodation, to the professional surf and yoga instruction, to the healthy and delicious food. The absolute highlight of my stay was the Salti Hearts founder Yeni. She is such a lovely, genuine and kind soul and she made sure that my stay was incredibly special. I am so grateful for everything I learned and experienced at Salti Hearts and I would highly recommend this surf and yoga haven to all.
  • Dianne Salmon (Geraldton, WA)

    From beginning to end my Salti Hearts experience was one I thoroughly enjoyed.
    I was lucky enough to be able to share one of Yenis surf yoga camps with four of my close friends, an adventure I would love to repeat. Yeni pays attention to the smallest detail to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.I love the flowers, affirmations and of course the beautiful breakfasts prepared every morning by Yeni.

    After each surf session Yeni took us to her favourite coffee shops for brunch,coffee, cake or whatever we fancied. This coffee shops were all beautiful is very different ways, from quiet to busy, again great fun.
  • Milou Van Arem (Hague, Netherlands)

    My dream last year was to go to Bali and to learn how to surf...From the moment I found Salti Hearts on Instagram I knew I wanted to go there!
    When I arrived I had the most warm welcome ever by Yeni and the Salti team!
    I've enjoyed every second of my days at salti hearts. I've learned how to surf by Yeni at different surf spots and it was so cool! Yoga at the beach, all the nice food and coffee places we went to, the fun we had, the coconuts, the scooter rides, the beautiful Salti Villa were I stayed for five nights, the life journey story's of Yeni and the Salti team.. It was amazing!!!
    Salti Hearts did not only made my dream come true, I also felt like I was living in a dream! I miss it already and will be back for sure!!
  • Torie Wade (Adelaide, South Australia)

    I spent an extremely short but fulfilling 3 days with one of the most beautiful souls that I have ever met in my life Yeni, in the beginning of October 15. I had met Yeni the previous year at a more "up-market" womens retreat and I was inspired and enamored with her love of the ocean. Having grown up on the mid-coast in South Australia the beach was always life. Yeni renewed my passion for the ocean and the beach when I first met her in 2014. The confidence that she gives newbies in the water is amazing.The time she spends with you and the honest cheers of joy are exactly what you need for encouragement. She reminded me of my love for surfing when I needed it most. The feeling that you have when you surrender yourself to the ocean is unlike anything else I have ever experienced.
  • Nicollette Howard (Brisbane, Australia)

    Whether you are wanting to learn to surf, improve your skills, practice daily yoga or enjoy a girly holiday Salti Hearts is the place to go!
    Yeni is a super friendly and accommodating host as well as a great coach. The other Salti Hearts staff are lovely too. The villa was beautiful, fresh and new with a homely feel, a place where I was able to totally relax and enjoy. I have done other surf camps that are larger and very strict with schedule and activities. What I loved about Salti Hearts is that it is a little smaller so there is a chance to change things up and I was lucky enough to experience sunrise meditations and SUP yoga. What is also great about Salti Hearts is the location. So many great things to share! I am so looking forward to going back. I left feeling more confident in the surf, inspired to create and rejuvenated to embark on new ventures back home.
  • Jennifer Esparza (Washington, USA)

    I absolutely loved my time at Salti Hearts! Yeni helped make it the trip of a life time with every little detail of the surfing, yoga and letting us experience daily life in Bali. Yeni creates a safe and fun environment where the ladies all developed a sisterhood almost immediately. She helped me tremendously with my surfing and went above and beyond with helping me learn to read the waves. I will definitely be returning for more adventures with the Salti Tribe!
  • Lisa Rollins (Melbourne, Australia)

    I can't say enough good things about my trip to Bali and to Salti Hearts. As soon as you meet Yeni, you feel like you've known her your entire life. She is such a kind soul and makes youfeel so welcome. The Salti Hearts villa is a beautiful oasis and certainly did wonders for my frayed nerves! Eachday of the camp was amazing and I'ma lready looking forward to going back again so I can continue to work on my surfing skills and spend more time enjoying the sights and friendly people in Bali.
  • Dianne Villarreal (California, USA)

    Yeni just has a way! Upon arrival you feel so welcome, simply put a sisterhood surrounds you at Salti Hearts. A daily dose of Yeni and Bali surf is all a heart needs to heal. I could've stayed for weeks, wish I had! Yeni offers suchkindness, positive energy, hospitality and hergenerosity throughout your entire stay. The coffee tours were my fave! I so looked forward to the cafes and coffee talks post surf. In regards to the surf, she always puts your safety first, I always felt I was in good hands out in the water. Her staff is polite and professional. Salti hearts offers an experience unlike any other, it'llf orever leave a beautiful impression on my heart, highly recommended! Open your mind and your heart, you can't lose.
  • Gonca Akkel (Dubai, UAE)

    I had the amazing opportunity to spend 5 days with Saltihearts last June, it was a very empowering and inspiring time, for Yeni has created something so magical and meeting so many strong women in paradise was just wonderful. Our surf sessions were always filled with laughter, good conversations and saltiness. Saltihearts is so welcoming, you will instantly feel like home, Yeni always has the best tips about where to go and finding good spots for a post surf- coffee is the most fun with this bunch of girls. Oh and the yoga sessions are definitely unique!! If you are looking for fun and a relaxing time on a gem of an island, this is it!
  • Jaime Ong-Yeoh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    I just got back from the 5-day surf & yoga camp and I had a wonderfultime! I am so glad I chose Salti Hearts instead of the big surf schools or luxurywomen's camps. I was a complete beginner, but Yeni &crew made me feel totally at ease - the group size was small which means more personalised attention, and theyhave a verysupportive style of coaching. I really enjoyed the evening yoga sessions outdoors as well, sooooo different from doing yoga in a studio, and really what I needed at the end of the day. The Salti Hearts villa was a homeaway from home - a beautiful, happy and comfortable place to chill. I travelled alone, but with Yeni &crew it instantly felt like I was on holiday with a group of friends. They've got such a goodvibe! I came just wanting to learn a new skill, but I left with a new way of life - surf, eat healthy, and yoga for your mind & body. I can't wait to be back!
  • Ishita Malaviya (Manipal, India)

    I love it here, I just love it. When I started surfing I was the first woman to surf in India and I never really had a sisterhood. I never had any other women to watch and learn from, to look up too, or just other women in the water in general. When there are women in the water you just feel more supported. In the water it's just so much fun, we all support each other. Out of the water everyone can just relax and just be, which has been really nice I think. Getting to know Milou, my roommate, has been so much fun. We've had fun adventures like getting stuck in the bathroom and having a bird stuck in our room. Goofing around, relaxing and getting awesome massages. It feels like I've been so spoiled. Yeni is so on it all the time, she takes such good care of everyone, it's been really special and I feel very privileged and honored to have been invited to come. I feel so lucky and grateful for this experience.